Arthur Ouwehand, PhD

Technical Fellow, Adjunct Professor

“I work with colleagues who work in the lab, doing preclinical research on probiotics and I work with colleagues wo do clinical studies with probiotics. Together we try to understand what our probiotics do and what benefits they can provide. I try to pull together what they find with things others have done with probiotics. All those things we have learned we write up and publish, and present at conferences. I also answer questions about probiotics from colleagues on the things we or others have investigated. Finally, every now and then I work with colleagues from other companies on questions we all have regarding probiotics and we try to solve those together.”

What do you like best about your job?

“I always learn new things as some of my colleagues are scientists and others are not, but all of them are experts on different aspects of probiotics. But, I also get questions from customers and they seem to have an unlimited imagination. So, together with my colleagues we take the challenge to figure out what the best response is, and we all learn something new.”

What interested you in working in the field of probiotics?

“I started as a student working with lactobacilli for pigs. The concept of probiotics was interesting but using them to keep pigs healthy and make them grow faster did not feel very satisfying. However, using them in humans, seemed much more relevant and interesting.”

Why do you think it’s important to take probiotics?

“I am convinced that probiotics provide us an affordable way to live a healthier life.”

What work-related accomplishment are you most proud of?

“I am proud of products that were developed based on the research we did, HOWARU Restore, HOWARU Transit, etc. Although I am very much a scientist and would be happy to do science for the fun of it, it is satisfying to see the research we did led to a product and may help people living healthier lives.”

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